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Impressing Customers with Best Technology and Quality!

Leading Company in Creative Business Management with the Spirit of Human-Centered Management and Sharing

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Since its establishment in 1993, Daehyun Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. has grown into a global SME that produces auto parts, electrical and electronic products, moldings, small-sized water softeners, versatile sterilizing and deodorizing devices, shoes sterilizing and deodorizing devices, and others with its own technology and releases them to European and domestic markets. In particular, our plastic injection molding and mold manufacturing that we’ve developed based on our accumulated experience and know-how are well received for their technical advantages and quality. We’ve also acquired SQ certificates from Hyundai-Kia Motors, quality management system certifications of ISO9001/IATF16949 and ISO14001, and other certifications related to components and materials. All of our employees are working hard to manage technology and quality so as to impress and satisfy our customers.
By embracing and understanding the rapid changes in life paradigms before anyone else, Daehyun Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. is trying to diversify our business areas for our customers to enjoy healthier and happier lives. To this end, we’ve acquired patents on our eco-friendly living products of shoes sterilizing and deodorizing devices and versatile sterilizing and deodorizing devices and will continue to carry out R&D until our customers are satisfied.
In addition, we will secure world-class core technologies to create corporate value and develop various products to play a role as a leading company in creative management.
All of our employees will continue to work hard with accumulated experience, know-how, challenge spirit and passion to carry out human-centered management and sharing entrepreneurship.
Sincerely Yours