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· What is a door latch?

In most cases, car door handles should be pulled upward or forward to open car doors. In a car door, the directly operated part is called an outside handle, while the part bundle linked to the handle to boost the force to open and close the door is called a door latch. As a body of assembled parts playing a role in opening and closing a car door by combining with a hook-shaped door strike attached to the opposite column, it consists of about 50 small components. There are many car parts directly related with human lives. And such parts are separately designated as security items for special management. A door latch is also very important part designated and standardized as a security item for all vehicles in the world. Having many functions, a door latch combined with a strike is able to keep doors locked completely and semi-completely and to enable a user to open both completely-locked and semi-locked doors by controlling the outside handles from outside of a car.